Depression slows you down

I notice that whenever I am down, I don’t work fast. Actually, whenever I am REALLY down, I don’t work at all.

I am putting figures together for a publication and I am just taking a heck of a long time. Whenever I see any loose ends that need to be tied, I just start panicking. Then, when I have pulled myself together, I move slowly. When I walk down the stairs, I do so as a baby would. One foot moves forward, and the other foot does not move ahead of the first one. Instead, it moves to where the first foot landed. I guess that’s why they call it baby steps.

Anybody else feel that way?


One thought on “Depression slows you down

  1. Yes, it has happened to me, just recently. I had to concentrate on every move I made to walk to my sink…and held on to stair rails to make it on my stairs. Even tho I had lost some weight,from loss of appetite, I felt like the weight of several people. There were a number of times that I just stopped and laid down on the floor & stairs and just looked to the ceiling. It was debilitating

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