Surrounded by a-holes

Your graduate advisor can make or break your career. One has to be lucky with finding a good advisor. I guess I got stuck with the short end of the stick. My advisor only focuses on the projects he likes. He spends months on other peoples projects and minutes on mine. And that too after I initiate conversation. This apathy has cost me. Whenever I want him to look at my data he says he is feeling ‘forced’. How do you respond to that?  I am in my 7th year and I am still writing my paper. And the girls he spends an inordinate amount of time with used to bad mouth him until she herself has been getting attention. Now all of a sudden he is the poor old good guy and I am the impatient bad guy. What a bitch. There is no one to complain to because your graduate advisor rules your career. I now know that I’m not the problem. The problem is that I am surrounded by assholes.