Misunderstood or a victim of ill treatment?

I am not mean to people, at least not deliberately. Then why is it that I get ridiculed, yelled at, or just downright made to feel like crap? I just want some respect and dignity. Seems that those two things are too much to ask. Banks will lend you money, rental companies will give you a car, heck stingers will even give you their spouse! But dignity and respect is something that everyone deserves, especially if they are nothing but nice to others. So perhaps I have unknowingly been a jerks myself. Perhaps I have been misunderstood. 


Ego trip

I try not to  take criticism personally, but when someone is clearly making an attack on your character, they are not trying to help you. They are on an ego trip. 

While we are alive 

​While we are alive they judge us, disparage us, harass us, deride us, insult us, mock us, and ignore us. Then we kill ourselves because it is better to be dead than to live in a world that others have made for us. And after we kill ourselves, they call us selfish and cowardly, not thinking for one second that had they not spoken harsh words, we would have been selfless and brave… and alive.

A mask I wear

A mask I wear, a mask I wear, 

Pretending to not be me, 

A mask I wear, a mask I wear, 

So that the world cannot see

Behind the veil

Is an empty shell

A soul waiting to become free